Cardinal Systems Recently Tested the 3D PluraView Monitor System With its VR Mapping Software

The 3D PluraView dual monitor system, which uses beam-splitting technology, produces the highest quality stereoscopic image that Cardinal Systems has seen to date. This image is tack sharp and image roaming is smooth and flicker free. The lightweight polarized glasses are an important benefit that the 3D PluraView system offers.

Cardinal Systems’ VrTwo softcopy package and the VrThree point-cloud package were tested. These two packages allow vector collection and editing in 3D stereo. VrTwo supports images and VrThree supports point-clouds for the base data for 3D stereoscopic viewing. Cardinal Systems has developed 3D stereoscopic applications for almost 20 years.

Setup and calibration of the 3D PluraView system was easy and the system interfaced seamlessly with the Vr Mapping software. This software used a NVIDIA Quadro graphics card and the latest NVIDIA graphic drivers for testing.

“3D PluraView’s image quality is very impressive and must be seen to be truly appreciated,” said Mike Kitaif, Cardinal Systems software development manager.

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