3D Stereo visualization with 3D PluraView improves Hexagon ImageStation® photogrammetry workflow

Leading photogrammetry software for stereoscopic monitor 3D PluraView certified

With the flexible and sophisticated ImageStation® photogrammetry environment from the Swedish measurement technology and software company HEXAGON, particularly large volumes of aerial, UAS and satellite data can be efficiently processed, managed and used for geodata acquisition. A core task that is solved extremely efficiently with the ImageStation® photogrammetry environment is the precise, interactive acquisition of 3D objects, the entire infrastructure, such as buildings, roads and bridges, but also natural terrain features.

Topographic surveying and updating, or tracking of the entire infrastructure is the responsibility of the state surveying offices in Germany. ImageStation® was developed specifically for professional users in photogrammetry and cartography and provides a comprehensive set of data acquisition tools. In order to move intuitively and measure precisely in this stereoscopic three-dimensional reality, an important control element was integrated into the high-tech software from the very beginning: the 3D stereo mouse cursor. The stereoscopic mouse cursor implementation is the prerequisite to work with precise 3D controllers and enables the perfect interaction with Schneider Digital’s plug & play compatible and powerful 3D PluraView monitor systems. Based on beamsplitter technology, Schneider Digital’s passive 3D monitors convince with pixel-precise visualization of up to 4K per stereo channel, fast image build-up, high color depth, high brightness and contrast values.

The fact that the powerful software application ImageStation® is compatible with this professional hardware and thus meets all requirements of international workplace standards is certified by Schneider Digital to HEXAGON: Two compatible cutting-edge technologies that merge into one complete solution and represent an ideal combination for professional photogrammetry users.

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