3D PluraView – The New Reference for Passive 3D-Stereo Monitors in Medical Technology

Anyone who has ever needed professional high-resolution 3D-stereo visualizations in their professional environment in medical technology knows the monitor series with beamsplitter technology from PLANAR. Schneider Digital, the specialist for 3D-stereo, virtual reality (VR/AR), and high-end hardware, is now launching the enhanced 3D PluraView, a passive 3D stereo monitor, as the successor to the discontinued PLANAR series.

In contrast to active 3D-monitors, the passive beam splitter technology of 3D PluraView is completely flicker-free, and thus, suitable for professional, eye-friendly continuous use, over a whole working day. The highest display brightness allows working in daylight surroundings, even in direct sunlight – darkened rooms for 3D stereo work are a thing of the past!

This article was published in Geospatial World, view the full article by clicking below.

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