Ultra high-resolution 3D Stereo Monitors for the Geospatial + Built World.

KELYN3D monitor solutions provide up to 4K (UHD) resolution per monitor and stereo channel. The PluraView 3D monitor provides unmated ease-of-use and comfort for viewing, analysis and editing of 3D content. Our GlobeView 3D monitor is idea for presenting 3D content in a group setting. 

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3D PluraView

Dual-Screen Monitor

  • Work in 3D while visualizing true, accurate 3D

  • Flicker-free for professional use

  • Daylight suitable brightness

  • Resolutions up to 4K per stereo channel

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PluraView Brochure

79″ GlobeView

3D Stereo Monitor

  • Visualize geodata in true 3D stereo

  • Optimal 3D viewing for conference rooms

  • Flexible to use in 2D mono and 3D stereo

GlobeView Brochure

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