Geospatial hardware

PluraView should be on your hardware list. If you are working and creating in 3D, you should be viewing in 3D.

geospatial hardware from kelyn3d

3D PluraView, the best and only true 3D stereo monitor on the market. Flicker-free and high-resolution visualization for a perfect 3D stereo experience.

Geospatial Hardware

Our monitor “PluraView” is the best way to work and display your projects in 3D.

PluraView allows you to pull measurements and use all your featured tools from your graphics programs, and model in excellent clarity.

PluraView has the most accurate display in depth perception, which allows ease for you to navigate and work on your projects.

Flicker Free

For professional continuous comfortable use

Accurate depth perception

For easier navigating and working in 3D


Daylight suitable


For clarity up to 4K

Wide vision angle

For same time multiple users


Already certified for GIS , Photogrammetry, Modeling, and more

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