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Our PluraView monitor paired with a Professional 3D workstation gives you the ultimate 3D visualization experience.

The PluraView has been tested for accuracy and clarity

        If you are working and creating in 3D you should be displaying in 3D

Our innovative VR system realizes comfortable, intuitive working in Virtual Reality environments and stereoscopic visualization today, not just sometime in the future.

So accurate that it is used for targeting by several Government entities !

The new VR PluraView is a passive-display Virtual Reality stereo monitor. As a fully-fledged desktop VR/AR system, it is based on the successful 3D PluraView monitors from Schneider Digital. The tried and tested, flicker-free beam-splitter technology allows the user to work in an intuitive VR environment without becoming tired, even over long periods. Transparent, feather-light polarized glasses allow unrestricted communication with customers and colleagues.

The PluraView is a highly accurate and user friendly plug and play 3D Stereoscopic monitor that is capable of up to 4K resolution per eye. Simply the best and most comfortable 3D visualization tool. It can be equipped with head tracking to get the most out of the VR world.

          This hardware is proven to be the ultimate way to work in 3D

    Every software compatible with Stereo can be used and displayed as it should be with accuracy

    The capability we offer is viewing your 3D programs in a 3D world. As we know GIS, Modeling and real time video is mainly in 3D so you must be searching for ways to display in very clear 3D. Our PluraView monitor is the only 4K, 3D Stereoscopic Passive monitor on the market that has been tested. The PluraView monitor is passive, flicker free and users can view images for extended periods of time with less eye strain and side effects.  The 4K high resolution offers the best clarity on the market, and at 28in allows for easy collaboration with multiple people viewing in 3D.  The monitor is simple plug and play with various 3D software programs or stereo film feeds, using only 2 monitor ports in your graphics card.  Paired together with your 3D software, you will have the ability view terrain, buildings geographic locations and live video as if you were onsite.  Distances and measurements can also accurately be taken and evaluated with the proper software and our state-of-the-art 3D display technology. Consuming 3D content in a 3D workspace is the most productive environment for entity extraction, mission planning and overall data review. Unlike head mounted displays, passive 3D monitors offer increased resolution, full awareness of one’s surroundings, multiple user ability and are tolerable for full working days. Adding this 3D display technology to your training facilities creates realistic scenarios, better preparing your personnel for future missions.  The PluraView 3D monitor with its 4K stereoscopic passive technology will be a valued training and field tool. 

Multiple person viewing capability

  Wide viewing angle

With our light-weight VR glasses any users that can see the screen quickly get an excellent sense of orientation and dimensions in their 3D software.

 Wide viewing angle

CAD software applications compatible with VR PluraView:

Amazing VR experience for daily long-term operations

The VR PluraView system can be operated with many CAD plug-and-play systems. Software solutions such as Siemens NX, Catia, HiCAD or Kompas-3D natively support 3D stereo and can be used fully with the VR PluraView. On other CAD systems, the file viewers support 3D stereo, for example PTC Creo data with CreoView, or for SolidWorks through eDrawings. AutoCAD and Inventor data can be viewed stereoscopically through NavisWorks for example.

Simultaneous, smooth head and object tracking for intuitive VR work

Model interaction through head tracking, trackball, 3D pen and gesture devices

Optional use of 2D / 3D mouse and stationary 3D input devices, augmented or replaced by head tracking and gesture recognition

Very comfortable light-weight 3D glasses with a wide viewing angle

Transparent lenses allow unrestricted communication with colleagues and customers

Very high brightness levels allow VR work in office daylight conditions

Exceptional, detail-rich VR display quality through 4K (3840 × 2160) resolution per eye

Flicker-free, passive stereo system with beam-splitter technology

Compatible with all VR software and most CAD environments

Ideal complement to HMD and immersive VR systems

The new Schneider Digital VR PluraView offers top-quality innovative beam-splitter and tracking technology for VR visualization on the desktop. The VR PluraView is ideal for all stereo software applications in a wide variety of industries:


Simulation & VR Training


CGI / 3D video processing


Mechanical design / CAD


Architectural design


Molecular research / Crystallography

Medical applications, e.g. computer tomography, surgery planning
3D Urban planning, GIS

Mesh-model interaction


BIM (Building Information Modeling)


Biochemistry / stereo microscopy

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