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Guaranteed to run these Esri Solutions

  • ArcScene: Geospatial / GIS / 3D-Stereo Data Visualization with 3D Analyst
  • ArcGIS Pro: Geospatial / GIS / 3D-Stereo Data Visualization, 3D Data Capture
  • Image Analyst Extension: Geospatial / GIS / 3D-Stereo Data Visualization, 3D Data Capture in ArcGIS Pro
  • nFrames SURE Aerial / Pro: Geospatial / Photogrammetry, 3D City Modeling, Mesh

Visualize Esri ArcGIS in 3D

Thank you stopping by the Esri booth and for your interest in our 80″ GlobeView 3D Stereo Monitor and our 28″ 3D PluraView Dual-screen Monitor. This page serves as a gateway to learn more about our ultra high-resolution 3D monitor solutions, tuned to run Esri software.


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80″ GlobeView

3D Stereo Monitor

  • Visualize geodata in true 3D stereo
  • Optimal 3D viewing for conference rooms
  • Flexible to use in 2D mono and 3D stereo

GlobeView Brochure

28″ 3D PluraView

Dual-Screen Monitor

KELYN3D Esri solution
  • Work in 3D while visualizing true, accurate 3D
  • Flicker-free for professional use
  • Daylight suitable brightness
  • Resolutions up to 4K per stereo channel

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PluraView Brochure

KELYN3D PluraView brochure cover

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