High-End Workstation-Solutions

GeoData High-Performance Workstations

Schneider Digital has been specializing in tailor-made hardware solutions for professional 3D graphic applications since 1995.

High-End Workstation-Solutions for demanding GeoData Processing

 The company’s expertise is focused on the conception, build and configuration of high-performance workstations.

Our professional workstations excel in build quality and durability. With our flexible upgrade options and excellent customer service, we can provide cost-efficient component upgrades for the long-term, reliable use of our workstations.

GIS Performance-Workstations

Through close collaboration with many hardware manufacturers, software companies and independent research institutes, we get first-hand knowledge about the most recent developments. Equally valuable for us, is the close contact to our customers and hardware users. These two factors combined allow us to build workstation solutions from practical experience for practical applications.

The challenge for 3D modeling and photogrammetry applications is the complex processing of very large image data volumes, then loading and visualizing the results stereoscopically on a stereo-3D system, such as the PluraView. Only if all hardware components are carefully matched to meet the required capabilities, fast and smooth image roaming on a stereo-3D system is possible.

As a specialized hardware systems manufacturer, we also have detailed knowledge about the main 3D software applications for CAD/CAM/CAE, GIS and photogrammetry, but also for 3D city models, BIM, architecture, oil & gas reservoir modeling and the specialized fields of medical imaging, such as 3D tomography modeling, molecular simulation and design.

High-End Workstation Solutions

  • Newest Intel® Xeon®, AMD EPYC™ or AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ processor technology
  • Up to four high-end graphics cards in one workstation for CUDA or OpenCL applications
  • High-speed processors (up to 2x 56 Cores on Intel platform, up to 2x 64 cores with AMD EPYC)
  • Up to 8 TB fast DDR-4 ECC memory
  • High-performance RAID with up to 12 GB/s transfer rate (SAS 3.0 technology), high-speed SSD (Solid State Disks) up to 10 TB memory on request
  • Optional ultra-fast 10Gb LAN for connection to the file server
  • Highest quality of components used
  • 19” Rackmount compatible
  • Server / cluster solutions provided

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GeoData High-Performance Workstations

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