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GIS, photogrammetry and 3D LiDAR mapping

Our ergonomic, lightweight, and accurate 3D mouse hand-held controllers offer unparalleled ease of use and comfortable two-handed operation in all stereo 3D applications, requiring the precise capture or editing of 3D data. The 3D mouse input devices listed below and available through Schneider Digital, are supported by all major Geo-software applications and brands:

The 3D Stealth Mouse is an ergonomic, high performance 3D hand-held controller, proven to enhance productivity and comfort for users of demanding 3D software applications. With ten (10) programmable buttons and 33 programmable functions, the user can have his most important functions and macros right at the fingertips. Operating together with or without a traditional 2D mouse, the Stealth 3D Mouse delivers an efficient and balanced way to capture and manipulate 3D data while reducing hand fatigue.

  • USB plug-and-play compatibility. (COM port still available if required)
  • Supported by ALL Photogrammetric Application Software
  • Made in USA and design-protected by USA Patent numbers D457, 884 (S1), D615,980 (S3), D718,309 (S4)
  • Manufacturer Warranty Repair and hardware & software support at our Sales & Services Centers
  • Comfortable two-handed operational grip for GIS, Photogrammetry, LiDAR and 3D Mapping applications use
  • Optical mouse mechanism for precise, fast and high-resolution tracking that works well on ALL non-reflective surfaces and requires no maintenance
  • High-resolution Z-wheel with 1.024 steps per revolution providing fast and accurate Z pointing
  • High-precision X-Y laser navigation for accurate planar positioning control. Soft acting force, long-life buttons rated at 10 million cycles for maximum productivity

The new Softmouse 3D-USB has been completely reengineered and now sports a standard USB interface, precise laser X,Y mouse navigation and comfortable silicone-topped keys. The Softmouse 3D is the successor of the original Immersion SoftMouse and like its predecessor it is supported by all major brands of photogrammetry software. The package includes a WINQUAL certified Windows driver that makes it 100% compatible with legacy software, working with the original mouse via serial ports. The driver supports Windows XP and Windows 7 both in 32 and 64 bits.

  • High-precision X,Y laser navigation. X,Y resolution adjustable to 400, 800, 1200 or 1600 counts per inch
  • High-resolution Z control at 1200 counts per revolution
  • Soft-acting force, high-reliability buttons
  • Smooth silicone top and rear button caps
  • 6 feet of USB cable with strain relief
  • Virtual serial port emulation for legacy software support
  • New direct USB data interface available
  • Software Development Kit available to software developers
  • Supports Windows 7 and XP in 32 and 64 bits
  • Has been tested with the following applications*: ImageStation™, KLT Atlas™, PurVIEW™, Socet GXP™, Socet Set™, Stereo Analyst™, Summit Evolution™, LPS™, Virtuozo™, and others supporting the old Immersion™ mouse

3D controller for CAx applications:

3DConnexion & SpaceController

3D controllers provide a comfortable and natural way to interact with digital content in the world’s most popular CAD and creative applications, making it easier to focus on your task rather than interacting with your software.

It takes care of positioning your model or view and provides access to your favourite application commands, freeing up your normal mouse to do what it was designed for – moving the cursor to select, edit and create. Not only does this balanced and co-operative work style simply feel good, it enhances comfort by reducing mouse use and increases productivity. If you use more than one 3D application, you don’t need to adjust to different navigation methods as you switch between them.

The 3D Connexion Controller has its origins in robotics and space science. CAD 3D controllers are now also available in a wireless version to meet the requirements of engineers, designers and architects using 3D applications.

The SpaceController allows rotation around each axis so that you have six degrees of freedom – under your control. The SpaceController is the ideal input device for CAD construction.

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