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Ultra High-Resolution 3D Stereo Monitors

Application: Medical, Pharma, Genome Modeling

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Ultra High-Resolution 3D Stereo Monitors

Application: Mechanical Engineering and CAD Design

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Ultra High-Resolution 3D Stereo Monitors

Application: Product Design - CAD

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Ultra High-Resolution 3D Stereo Monitors

Application: Military – GIS / Geospatial Mapping

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Pluraview Monitors with Tracking

The revolution for 3D VR work.

Professional 3D Workstations

Fast & powerful processing units.

Pluraview Monitors

High-resolution for a perfect 3D experience.

3D Controllers

Powerful and user-friendly controllers.

Founded in 2007, Kelyn Technologies has a reputation of being a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of IT Solutions. Keyln is an authorized distributor of Schneider digital products including the PluraView 3D Stereoscopic monitors in the USA and Canada markets and the ONLY Authorized repair Center in North America for PluraView 3D.

At Kelyn 3D, we constantly strive to stay on the leading edge of 3D visualization and data management technologies. And our mission is to provide our customers a better experience with innovative solutions for the market trends of the future.

We understand the growing need for an accurate and comfortable way to display and view 3D content.

Kelyn 3D has the expertise and know-how to cater to the vast industrial landscape.

The Pluraview 3D monitors at Kelyn are manufactured in Germany by Schneider Digital who has been selling electronics for over 20 years. Along with the PluraView 3D monitor we also offer high power professional workstations and 3D controllers.

We bring the World to You with 3D Stereo Imaging to form a coherent holographic vision – like it was Real.

The next-gen and true-3D monitors from Schneider Digital feature beam-splitting technology to view 3D content with the highest stereoscopic (holographic) quality possible.

Geo Data Visualization –

The Pluraview 3D Stereo Monitor features a unique “Geo Data Visualization” mode that allows users to view large data sets with depth perception in real time. With Pluraview’s 3D map creation software, you can create vivid and colorful 3D maps using GeoTIFF files or as an overlay for Google Earth™. You can also view your geo data in 2D map views such as satellite, terrain, hybrid, and street maps.

The Geo Data Visualization mode is ideal for applications such as exploration geophysics, reservoir characterization, land surveying and more.

Wider Field of View –

The wider field of view provided by 3D Stereo Monitors allows you to see more content at once, which can be especially beneficial to those who work in large spreadsheets or codebases. You can see multiple perspectives of the same data at once, allowing you to identify trends and patterns quickly and easily.

Increased Resolution –

3D Stereo Monitors have twice as many pixels as traditional monitors, so they can display more information at once without sacrificing clarity or quality. The Pluraview 3D Stereo Monitor is based on the latest technology in wide-field parallax barrier displays, liquid crystal display (LCD) panels and video projectors. The Pluraview 3D Stereo Monitor offers a high resolution of up to 4K / UHD resolution per monitor and stereo channel and provides superb contrast, brightness, and color reproduction.

The new BlackTuner technology of the 3D PluraView supports the user, even in dark image areas, to capture objects safely. A response time of just 1 ms reduces “ghosting” and blurring.

Innovative Virtual Reality Applications

The Pluraview 3D Stereo Monitor is also great for virtual reality applications because it allows users to view two different images on one screen simultaneously while wearing a headset. This can be very useful in designing immersive environments or training simulations because it eliminates the need for multiple screens when designing 3D environments or simulations that require stereoscopic viewing.

Immersive Experience –

Working on a 3D Stereo Monitor feels like you’re looking through a window into another world. This can help improve productivity and reduce stress while working long hours on projects that require concentration and focus.

Highly Compatible –

Currently, more than 150 stereo-compatible applications, ranging from medical 3D-imaging to CAD applications, Architecture, GIS, and Photogrammetry, to Virtual-Reality (VR) and advanced data visualization in 3D connect without special drivers to the PluraView monitors.

The Pluraview 3D Stereo Monitor from Schneider Digital is a high quality, full HD, professional grade monitor that provides you with a true stereo image. With its unique “tiled” screen design, the Pluraview 3D Stereo Monitor allows you to view multiple perspectives at once without having to turn your head.

Flicker Free

For professional continuous use

Highest Brightness

Daylight suitable

Highest Resolution

Up to 4K / UHD

Wide Vision Angle

Offering multi-user capability


Photogrammetry , GIS

3DMedical and more


Elegant Design

Highest quality, made in Germany

Buy nothing but the best with Pluraview 3D

Kelyn 3D is an Authorized USA  Distributor of Schneider Digital Products

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